Katie Holmes Steps Out For All My Sons Finale

With daughter Suri Cruise, Mad Money, the mother was accompanied by his elegant NYC pad to the Gerald Schoenfeld Theater, where it was already a large crowd of fans gathered. Google_render_ad () And if you will not be able to do in Los Angeles in time for cheer hubby Tom Cruise at the Golden Globe, Katie would be flying to Los Angeles, after his show in time to take the afterparties. So Im going to the Golden Globe with her father and my mother. ) / /]] U0026gt; - u0026gt; Window. His Top Gun hubby said, we talked, and she told me I should go. Shes going to end up on the show and also to satisfy the parties . After months and months of back-to-back shows, it was noted Katie Holme leaving his apartment in New York for the last performance of her Broadway play All My Sons on Sunday (January 11).

14.1.09 11:31

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